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    The jeans that every girl should have in her closet

    As the autumn is coming, one would think that my first post will be about my favorite autumn outfit. Wrong! I am the absolute SUMMER-LOVER! Therefore I love dressing up with my summer clothes every chance I get. In my opinion, every girl should own one pair of mom-jeans. They are perfect for late nights out, so that you do…

  • Calling

    Bulgaria: The mountains are calling!

    As we always plan beforehand, our vacations are not known for staying too long at one place. After two days of pure happiness at the beach, we packed our bags and got on our way – to the mountains. Bulgaria has so much to offer when it comes to nature, especially up in the mountains. One that is of particular…

  • Buns out

    Sun’s out, Buns out: Beach time in Bulgaria

    Our next stop is the Black Sea and the beach! Yuppie!  I cannot remember the last time I was there. I guess it has to be three or four years back, when I went with some friends. Therefore I was super excited to go there again. I would be just lying on the beach, the sun will be shining on…

  • Travel

    Great ideas for your summer vacation in Bulgaria

    Vacation time. This year we had to book a flight to Rumania and from there we travelled to my home town, Veliko Tărnovo in Bulgaria. It is not a big city but it is also not a small one. It has a population of approximately 80.000 people. A few years back, it got voted the most beautiful city in Bulgaria.…

  • Beauty favourites

    New Beauty Favourites

    Summer is here and I am so excited. There is always an excuse to buy some new accessories and some new beauty products, even a new scent. I was struggling to find the perfect summer scent for me, which is light, fresh and still lasts a while. After 2 hours I was convinced that I have found THE ONE. It…

  • Closet Stories

    The Curly Pepper x Shoes

    Spring is here, so this weekend I decided it was time for the „spring cleaning“ of my closet. After four hours of heavy lifting, I had to reward myself for the good work. And the best way to do that was with some good old online shopping. It is actually really cool to browse the internet AFTER having seen what…

  • O-Mamori - present

    O-Mamori. The perfect present!

    I would like to dedicate my first post to something not everyone is familiar with or at least not in Europe. I was also clueless to what this thing was, until my boo brought it home after his vacation in Japan and gave it to me as a New Year’s present. As Japan is still one of my unexplored countries,…