Great ideas for your summer vacation in Bulgaria

Vacation time. This year we had to book a flight to Rumania and from there we travelled to my home town, Veliko Tărnovo in Bulgaria. It is not a big city but it is also not a small one. It has a population of approximately 80.000 people. A few years back, it got voted the most beautiful city in Bulgaria.

Last time my boyfriend and I visited my parents was during Winter. Therefore this year our vacation had to be during the summer. Here, it can get quite hot during the summers. But that is what we actually wanted – two weeks of cloud-free skies and long days full of activities. As we both work in project management, we did not come unprepared. We had a long list of locations we wanted to see and didn’t want to waist any second. The next day we were able to check two of them off – „Devetashka Cave“ and „Krushuna Waterfalls“.

Devetashka Cave

The first day after we arrived, we already had a plan where to go. We chose a closer destination, one and a half hours away from my home town. The place is called „Devetaki“ and it is located in the proximity of Lovech, northern Bulgaria. It is famous for its nature and approximately 2 km away from it, you can find one of the most extraordinary caves in Bulgaria – „Devetashka Cave“.

You can reach the cave quite easily, if you are traveling by car, which I strongly recommend. The public transportation in Bulgaria is not that developed. You can probably find a bus to the Devetaki village but from there you have to walk the 2 km until the cave. There are no sidewalks so you will probably have to walk on the road. The traffic is not that heavy there, so if you a up for an adventure, it would be manageable to reach the cave by walking. Since nobody from my family has been there, we chose to travel by car. We used the GPS on our phones, to locate the cave, thank you Google Maps. After arriving there we had to pay the entrance fee of 2 LEV per person, which is around 1 EUR and then walk for 3-4 more minutes.


This is what someone standing in the cave would see once inside, looking at the entrance. Majestic, isn’t it?

An interesting fact about the cave is that it is also a home to appr. 35.000 bats from all kinds of species. Four of those are also under protection as they are endangered to become extinct.


Another fun fact about this location is that in 2011, Devetashka Cave was shown in the action movie, the Expendables 2, in the scene, where the plane crashed into a cave. The crew onsite had some troubles with the Bulgarian authorities as there were loud noises, crowds of people, bright lights and fire, close to the cave, which might have caused the displacement of large number of bats. If you are interested in the details, you can read more on this case here.

Krushuna Waterfalls

Going out of the cave we noticed a small information board, showing the map of the surroundings. We saw that there were Waterfalls in a village close by and decided to stop and check them out. After 16km, we reached the village of „Krushuna“. The good thing is that there are enough street signs on the road pointing out the way to the waterfalls, so you don’t have to be on your phone all the time. After getting there, there is a 2 LEV entrance fee for an adult, but if you are a student, you can pay just 1 LEV.

Contrary to the cave, you have to walk a little bit more, in order to reach the waterfalls. After 15min we came to a small square, in front of the forrest. You could already hear the water running down in the background but couldn’t see any waterfalls yet. We took the path towards „The Blue Waterfall“ and with every step we took, we could hear the water falling louder and louder. We reached the waterfalls after 20min or so, as we stopped here and there to enjoy and appreciate Mother Nature. And of course take pictures.



My love and I. Mama is acting as the photographer.

The view after reaching the platform in bottom of the waterfalls.

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