Bday girl

Birthdays are ordinary days sprinkled with stardust… or confetti

This weekend we celebrated my 26th birthday. I invited a few friends over. The idea was to have some drinks, cake and then go out.

On Friday evening, my boyfriend waited until 12 o’clock to wish me a happy birthday and give me my presents. To be honest, it felt like forever until it was finally October 13th. He even gave me one of my presents beforehand so that I do not annoy him.

He remembered that I love sunflowers.

I managed to stay awake until 12 o’clock so he gave me the rest of my surprise. He came into the room holding a balloon in the form of the hot air balloon. Little did I know it was a part of my present.

He had also bought a small book “33 Things I want to do with you”, in which one can draw or even put short comments. I opened it and imagine my surprise – he had spent 2 hours writing and drawing what I am actually getting for my birthday! How adorable is that?

As you know (or not), we are planning a trip to Asia in the end of December. We plan to visit Dubai, Myanmar, Singapore and Cambodia. My dream was always to visit Myanmar and see Bagan, the city of temples.

Credits to TripSavvy

So, when I was reading the book, on one of the pages, he had drawn a sketch of the temples in Bagan and the balloons flying over them… I could not believe it… it could not be the case!

Once I put 2 and 2 together, I just couldn’t help it but burst into tears. I didn’t stop crying for about half an hour. He was going to make my dream come true and we were going to experience Bagan in the best way possible – 2000 ft above ground at sunrise.

It is the best possible present … and somehow, it still feels surreal.

I am so glad that he told me in the night. After that many tears I was so emotionally charged and exhausted at the same time. My eyes were puffy and my head was hurting. I was so tired that I just needed to smell the pillow and I fell asleep almost immediately. At least I had the chance to recharge. Imagine, what would have been, if he had told me in the morning…

Birthday outfit

My outfit for the night. You can find my dress here.

The decoration

I wanted to decorate the place so I ordered some balloons and a Happy Birthday sign from Amazon. The metallic colors made the room look more cosy and were a perfect match to the interior.

Balloon decoration

My boyfriend and I had the idea to buy a helium bottle and blow out the balloons that I already had. We wanted to buy the bottle from a hardware store but he got it from one party store, which is close-by and for a cheaper price.

My advice to you would be not to buy any! It will be much better to spent your money on a few balloons that are already pre-filled. The lady that sold us the bottle told us that people tend to play with it (to change their voice) and that is why the concentration of helium in the bottle we get is not going to be that durable.

The bottle had to be enough for 30 balloons but around the 11th it was already empty. Plus the ones that we were able to fill with helium, flew just for 12h. Another thing you should consider is that people are like 3-year-old children, when they see a flying balloon. Their immediate reaction is to start playing with it and pop it for no apparent reason. Like my boy…

Baby boy and confetti

And the best part was that he wanted to pop only the balloons, which were filled with confetti.


So that is how our place looked like afterwards.

turning 26

But I cannot complaint. I had the best time ever. I had my closest friends there, some amazing cake (my boyfriend baked it for me) and lots of fun and laughter!

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