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    Make that black velour pop out!

    Home alone and nothing to do? It is probably my favorite situation. You get to pull out your new purchases and try them on. Take some pictures! Feel good! I bought this skirt from ASOS, it is from the brand New Look and I simply love it. I chose to style it with a plain top, as I want it…

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    Did you say Cherry Blossom or Cherry Bottoms?

    No bottoms of mine have cherries on them, at least not yet. But I found these cute pink cherry sneakers, which can be a perfect touch to any outfit (formal or informal). Personally, I was going for something sweet and easy but also sexy at the same time. So playing dress up at my home looks something like this. I…

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    The jeans that every girl should have in her closet

    As the autumn is coming, one would think that my first post will be about my favorite autumn outfit. Wrong! I am the absolute SUMMER-LOVER! Therefore I love dressing up with my summer clothes every chance I get. In my opinion, every girl should own one pair of mom-jeans. They are perfect for late nights out, so that you do…

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    The Curly Pepper x Shoes

    Spring is here, so this weekend I decided it was time for the „spring cleaning“ of my closet. After four hours of heavy lifting, I had to reward myself for the good work. And the best way to do that was with some good old online shopping. It is actually really cool to browse the internet AFTER having seen what…