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    Make that black velour pop out!

    Home alone and nothing to do? It is probably my favorite situation. You get to pull out your new purchases and try them on. Take some pictures! Feel good! I bought this skirt from ASOS, it is from the brand New Look and I simply love it. I chose to style it with a plain top, as I want it…

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    Did you say Cherry Blossom or Cherry Bottoms?

    No bottoms of mine have cherries on them, at least not yet. But I found these cute pink cherry sneakers, which can be a perfect touch to any outfit (formal or informal). Personally, I was going for something sweet and easy but also sexy at the same time. So playing dress up at my home looks something like this. I…

  • Laykyun Setkyar

    Laykyun Setkyar, the biggest standing Buddha in Myanmar

    The region of Monywa is definitely a place, which is rich in culture and has monuments worth seeing. Sitting at the back of the car, my boyfriend and I were resting after our amazing adventure at the Thanboddhay Pagoda. If you want to know more about this extraordinary place, you can read all about it here. Our next stop was…

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    Monywa – The hidden gem of Myanmar – Thanboddhay Pagoda

    As you already know, two days are more than enough to visit all the important places in Bagan. Of course, one can choose to stay a little bit longer and explore the city and its hidden gems, but we had just a limited amount of days, which we had to use wisely. After spending two amazing days in Bagan, we…

  • Balloon ride ove Bagan

    Visit Bagan, the magical city of temples

    Shortly before sunrise we arrived in one of the most spectacular cities in Myanmar, Bagan. We took the night bus from Yangon, as soon as we landed and headed towards Bagan. My boyfriend and I had read a lot of the stories in the travel communities, in which people get often tommy problems from the food served in Myanmar. Therefore, we…

  • Shwezigon Temple in Bagan, Myanmar

    10 Things to know before visiting Myanmar

    Myanmar is known for being one of the most unexplored countries in Southeast Asia, known for its archeological sites, gorgeous beaches and amazing nature. Going there needs a certain amount of preparations. Here are some things that you need to consider before traveling to Myanmar. Best time to travel to Myanmar The best time to travel to Myanmar is known…

  • Palm Trees and Paradise

    3 days Barcelona: What to do?

    I guess nowadays there are just a few people that have not been to this amazing city, Barcelona. This year I had the chance to go there – twice! My two visits were so different from each other that one might think that I visited two different cities. However, I am going to concentrate just on my second trip. I traveled…

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    The jeans that every girl should have in her closet

    As the autumn is coming, one would think that my first post will be about my favorite autumn outfit. Wrong! I am the absolute SUMMER-LOVER! Therefore I love dressing up with my summer clothes every chance I get. In my opinion, every girl should own one pair of mom-jeans. They are perfect for late nights out, so that you do…

  • Calling

    Bulgaria: The mountains are calling!

    As we always plan beforehand, our vacations are not known for staying too long at one place. After two days of pure happiness at the beach, we packed our bags and got on our way – to the mountains. Bulgaria has so much to offer when it comes to nature, especially up in the mountains. One that is of particular…