Buns out

Sun’s out, Buns out: Beach time in Bulgaria

Our next stop is the Black Sea and the beach! Yuppie! 

I cannot remember the last time I was there. I guess it has to be three or four years back, when I went with some friends. Therefore I was super excited to go there again. I would be just lying on the beach, the sun will be shining on my skin, the sand will be warm on my toes and my hair – salty from the water. Perfection. 

About the coastline

As Bulgaria has really beautiful beaches and the stay there is not that expensive, it has become a popular destination for tourists, when it comes to go on a beach vacation. Choosing where to go and what to see was really a pickle for us. Since I was a little child my parents took my sister and I to the northern part of the coastline, close to Varna. Varna is the sea capital of Bulgaria. The beaches there were really wide and there were not that many tourists. You could quickly travel into the city with the public transport, go for a walk through the nearest hotel complex or make a small trip outside of Varna. The coast there is Golden Sands and nowadays crowded with tourists.

As a result, we decided to travel south. Traveling south the coastline was going to be somehow an adventure for us. My parents have never been there and my boyfriend was completely clueless as to what to expect. Sunny Beach, which is close to Burgas, is more of a party destination and a place where you can dance all night and sleep all day. The cities after Burgas, Chernomorec, Sozopol, Primorsko, Kiten, Carevo are smaller than Burgas and Varna but from that what we heard from my friends, better. Better, in terms of cleanliness and beauty. They are not that popular among the tourists so they would not be that crowded, which was a plus for us. 

Choosing accommodation

The first thing when booking an accommodation in Bulgaria and of the utmost importance, when traveling on a budget, is to know when you are traveling. In Bulgaria, when traveling in the vacation season, the hotels have different rates than the standard price. Therefore, be sure to check out the rates for your chosen dates before booking and decide whether they suit you. The weather in September is also suited for a summer holiday, so a vacation in September may be just what you are looking for! 

The accommodation 

We chose to stay at a villa complex near Lozenets.

Our villa complex

The distance between the beach and the villa was reasonable. We could park the car in the city and then walk down to the beach. You could also walk to the beach but we were so impatient to go into the water so we did not want to loose any minutes to technicalities, haha. 

The beach

The beach in Lozenets

One view of the beach in Lozenets.

After some lying on the beach, playing with the waves and getting sun-kissed, we decided to go back to the villa and enjoy the evening with a nice meal and a glas of wine near the pool. Well… we did go to the pool but not to drink wine. See, I brought my flamingo with me. You know the big air animals that got quite popular over night this summer? The same one. So it was high time that it went for a walk, or a swim. The problem was … it did not take any pump with me. 

But I guess I have the most caring boyfriend in the world as he stepped in and did all the work. Thank you baby!

Happy Curly

Happy as a fool, chilling in the pool. 

Curly in the pool

Then he promised to come in and push me over … so I tried to escape. 


He succeeded .. what can I say. He is so strong .


And then some more fooling around in the pool with the flamingo. It grew feet or something. I guess I should name it. Any suggestions? 

Next stop 

The next day we decided to check out some near beaches as we were not going to stay that long to see everything. 

Our top picks were: 

  1. The Chauffeurs Beach, which is close to Sozopol
  2. Karaagach, which is close to Kiten
  3. Beach Arapia, which is close to Tsarevo

We chose to go to beach Arapya for the day. It took us just 8 min to go there by car. There are a lot of parking spaces, which are available to everybody and free of charge. Arapya

The beach there is smaller than the one in Lozenets, but quite beautiful. The water was so clean and has the perfect blue color. For short people like me (1.63) it was also not that deep so one could easily go in and swim for a while, or even battle with the waves coming at him/her. I have to admit, they were quite strong. I was able to keep my swimming suite on but I cannot promise that nobody saw anything, if you know what I mean. 

Stay tuned for our adventures in the mountain! If you want to learn more about what Bulgaria can offer, you can read Great Ideas for your summer vacation in Bulgaria. 

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