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Tutorial: Add a preset to Lightroom Mobile

This article will teach you how to add a preset to your Lightroom Mobile version. The first thing that is important for this tutorial is to have a preset that you would like to transfer. You can either download these from a website that offers them for free or purchase a preset from a WebShop.

These presets come normally in a zip file, which needs to be unzipped. You can chose then between doing this directly from your laptop or from your mobile phone.

From your Mobile Phone

Wait, what? Unzipping a folder on a mobile phone? Yes, this is now possible. I am pretty sure that we all have been frustrated, when we tried to unzip something on our phones… and it didn’t work. There are many applications that you can use for unzipping your files – Unzip, IZip, WinZip, etc. Just open your App Store and search for one. Here is an example based on IZip.


IZip is an application free of charge and you have all the needed features to unzip and zip different files directly on your mobile phone. There is also a paid version – IZip, which will set you back 7,99EUR but it will get rid of the Ads.

Step 1 – Unzip the preset folder

Click to download the zip file. In the example below, I downloaded the Zip file from an email.

Once it is downloaded, click on the symbol for opening the file and select the application with which you would like to open the file. I chose to open it with iZip but as you can see, you can also chose other unzip applications.

The zip (or rar) file is then shown at the main menu of the application. Click on the file and confirm that you would like to unzip the file with “OK”. The files it contains then become visible and ready for use.

Step 2 – Import the DNG files to the Lightroom Mobile app

Once you can see the DNG files, select the files you would like to add first or select them all. Then click on “Open with (Öffnen mit)”. You can chose how you would like to open the file. Here are two options, which you can implement. I prefer using the first one as it is the quickiest.

Option 1

Select “Lightroom” from the menu. After that confirm with “Start now Lightroom (Lightroom jetzt starten)” and the DNG file will appear at the top of your Photo Library as a newly added photo. Click on the photo to open it.

Option 2

If you would like to open the DNG file in another way, you can chose one of the other options you have available. You can either save it directly on your phone data, in Dropbox (if you have a connected account) or at any Cloud storage you have. I will show you how to do it by the option of saving the DNG file on your phone.

Click on “Save in Documents (In Dateien sichern)” and then click on your folder, in which you want to save it. I have created a folder specifically for this called “Presets”. Now you have saved the DNG file on your phone. What you want to do next is open the Lightroom app and open the album, in which you want to upload the file. Click on the icon to add new photos

Select the option “From Files” and chose from where you want to upload you DNG file (As you can see in the second screenshot, you have different options). Then select “On My iPhone” and click on the “Presets” folder.

You can see the already saved DNG file. Click on it, in order to import it.

As you can see, Option 1 is quicker and easier to use than Option 2, as you need only 2-3 clicks to import your DNG file.

Step 3 – Create and save your preset

Once you have uploaded the photo to Lightroom, click on the three dots in the upper right corner.

Then, select the option “Create Preset”. You will have the possibility to name your preset and select a folder, in which you would like to save it. If you want to know more on how to create and save a preset, you can go to my detailed step-by-step guide.

From your Desktop

Step 1 – Unzip the preset folder

Once you have downloaded the zip file, click on it to extract it to a specific folder.

Step 2 – Import the DNG files to Lightroom Desktop

After the files are already extracted, open Lightroom on your desktop.

Add photos to Lightroom

Chose the location under which you would like to upload your files and click then on “Add Photos”.

Chose which photos to add

Chose the DNG files and click on “Review for Import”. Once they have been uploaded, open your Lightroom on your mobile and wait until the synchronization has been finished. After that open the location under which you have imported the file and click on it.

syncronized photo on your mobile

Step 3 – Create and save your presest

You can now repeat the steps, described in the section “Step 3” from above, in order to create a preset from the DNG file.

Use your newly created preset

Now you have created the preset that you wanted to use. Chose a new photo from your library and open it in an edit mode on your phone.

Click on Presets, Chose the Preset folder and then select your newly created preset. And that is it!

With this tutorial you have now learned how to import your presets directly from your phone, from your laptop, import them to mobile version of Lightroom and save them. I hope this tutorial was useful for you! Don’t forget to pin it!

Let me know in the comments, if there are any questions or issues that you may have!

xxx Curly

Add presets to Lightroom Mobile version

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