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3 days Barcelona: What to do?

I guess nowadays there are just a few people that have not been to this amazing city, Barcelona. This year I had the chance to go there – twice! My two visits were so different from each other that one might think that I visited two different cities.

However, I am going to concentrate just on my second trip. I traveled with two of my best friends – King Schulz and Speedy. We were supposed to fly in the afternoon, but as we know, not all plans go according to plan. Our flight had a huge delay and we were stranded at the airport for 6h straight. It was 1am as we reached Barcelona, totally exhausted, wishing we were already in bed.


But our adventures were far from over! Just as we thought that our bus had arrived, the next „good“ thing happened. We left King Schulz to keep an eye on our luggage until we asked the bus driver, if the bus goes to our station. Of course, we didn’t speak Spanish and had no idea, if he is going to understand us. As soon as he heard us speaking English, he got so mad and started shouting something in Spanish that we did not understand. Then he shut the doors of the bus BEHIND us! And drove. He had a schedule to keep to.

Speedy and I were just speechless. He did not just do that! He mumbled something about us getting out at the next stop, but when it was going to come … he didn’t have the courtesy of telling us. Luckily for us, the next stop was on the other side of the terminal, so we could get off and go back to King Schulz, who on the other hand was speechless and did not know what just had happened.

Where we stayed

After that funny incident, we took the right bus and after a little bit more than half and hour we reached our hostel. This was supposed to be a low-budget trip, as we booked it quite spontaneously, this hostel was really great. It was close to the city center and yet far away from all the noise on the streets during the weekends.

What I really liked about it was that there were fresh towels included and each bed had its own private space. It had curtains, so nobody can look at you, while sleeping. That made it really practical, especially if you are sharing a room with several other strangers and you do not want to change in the showers.

Day 1

We woke up around noon, starving! We realized that we hadn’t eaten anything since the airport in Frankfurt. I remembered a friend telling me about this cute café, Brunch & Cake, which has the best breakfast in town. Luckily it was not that far away and we didn’t have to walk long. Unfortunately, after arriving there, we realized that we weren’t the only ones that knew about this location. There was a huge line of people, in front of the café, waiting to be seated.

Waiting at the line. It was really nice from the staff to give us the menu, while we were waiting. We had plenty of time to choose what do we want to order. After going in, it was no trouble to order almost immediately.

Speedy and I taking pictures of the food.

I mean seriously… how delicious-looking are those?


The best thing what one can do, after having such good food, is to go and lay down, and probably have a nap. Well, we did go and laid down, but not in our beds! We went straight to the beach.

Barcelona has a really beautiful beach. But after a couple of hours, it got quite hot and we felt exhausted from the sun and the crowds. We just wanted to go somewhere, where we could get some snacks and drink sangria. From my previous trip to Barcelona, I knew about a good location, which combines these two things. It is called Churruca 5. It is near La Barceloneta so it was perfect.

Park Güell

Speedy and I had already visited the most important locations (at least once) but King Schulz had never been to Barcelona before. Therefore, we had to incorporate some sightseeing for him as well. The original plan was to go to the beach and then go and see the famous basilica Sagrada Família in the evening. We didn’t plan to go inside, as you have to buy your tickets beforehand and we missed our chance.

Once on our way, the two trouble-makers told me that our destination for the evening had changed and were were going to Park Güell instead. In my head I was mentally preparing for crowds of people around the basilica and not for climbing hills. And of course, I also dressed for the occasion – yellow dress, clutch bag and strap sandals. Good job, curly! Oh well … it happens to the best of us.

Yellow dress

After a good walk, up AND down AND around the park, we decided that our next stop should be food. We got to the city center and looked around for a nice place, where we could have some delicious tapas. We saw this cute little place at one square. It had a big terrace, perfect for sitting outside and enjoying a warm evening.

outside the restaurant

Trying to optimize everything, Speedy had the idea to go check out an old church, which was in our close proximity. So we did … and we got lost. We simply could not find the way back to the cute little restaurant. ( The name of this restaurant is Alsur). After going into every possible street for half an hour, we somehow managed to go back. Hurray!! Unfortunately we got a table inside since everything outside was occupied and there was even a queue at the door.

Inside of the restaurant

Nevertheless, the atmosphere was really nice and they had food. It did not have a rich choice for tapas but we still found some that we could share. They were not the typical tapas that you get in every restaurant but were so delicious.

Tapas in Barcelona

Day 2

We woke up somewhere around noon, since we were dancing all night and needed the rest. We started the day with a small breakfast at the nearest cafe – it was nothing special as compared to the one that we had on Friday. Our plan for the day was more or less consisting only of touring the city.

Mount Tibidabo

Our first stop was mount Tibidabo. It overlooks Barcelona and is 512m high, which makes it the highest mountain in the Sierra de Collserola range. The famous cathedral Sagrat Cor occupies the top of the mountain and adjasent to it, is the Tibidabo Amusement Park. Sagrat Cor translates directly to the Sacred Heart. It was constructed between 1902 and 1960 in a mixture of modernista and neogothic styles.

TibidaboSagrat Cor at the top of Tibidabo Mountain

barcelonaThe view from the top

3 frKing Schulz, Speedy and Curly

curlyThe Curly Pepper and the outfit


The afternoon

After getting tired of exploring the hill, we just wanted to relax in the afternoon. It did not turn out so good since we decided to visit the city center and check out the stores there. We came back to the hostel, exhausted, but had to get ready for dinner. We gathered all the strength that we had left and after an hour or so, we left again.

Dinner location

For dinner, we decided to try out one restaurant that a good friend of ours recommended. It was close to where we were staying, so there was no need to take the metro. We simply walked down to street and in 10min we were already there. The name of the restaurant is Cuidad Comtal. It does not have its own website, but here is a link to its tripadvisor post.

Barcelona_1Credits to Tripadvisor

Of course, after arriving there, we had to wait to be seated for about half an hour. My advice to you – do not go there on a really empty stomach! Waiting for so long, when you are that hungry, can never lead to anything good. As you can see on the picture, we were not the only ones that wanted to eat there.

The restaurant had a good choice of tapas and it was not that expensive.

After one liter of sangria and so many tapas, we hurried up back to the hostel to get ready. We were not going to miss out on another night out!

Day 3

It was our last day in Barcelona and we slept just 3 hours. We woke up around 10 am, packed our bags and checked out. Our mission now was to find food and quickly! We were starving. Speedy suggested we go to a place that she knew had good food. It is called Milk Bar & Bistro.

BarcelonaCredits to Tripadvisor

Surprise, surprise, we had to wait again. The procedure there is as follows – you give your name and the number of people that are with you and they put you on a list. When a table becomes free and it is your turn, they call out your name and you can enter. I guess we were lucky, it was not raining. We waited outside for about an hour or so, still hungover from last night, wishing there was a bed somewhere near.


Finally we were able to go in and order some food. The only positive thing about waiting outside is that you have enough time to check the menu thoroughly and order almost immediately, again.

Sagrada Familia

We finished our recovery brunch and went for our last stop in Barcelona – Sagrada Familia. It is one of the most famous churches in Barcelona and even in the whole world. I do not think there is a person, who has not yet heard about it. It is a roman-catholic basilic in Barcelona, which was designed by the famous catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. The basilic is not yet finished, even though its construction started in 1882.

As we did not book any tickets beforehand, we went just around it and did not go in. We decided that we would like to make a short break before going back to the hostel for our bags, so we sat for a bit in the park close to the basilic.

After half an hour of sun-bathing, it was time to go back. We took our bags and went straight to the airport.

Plane back

But it was one good flight, when you get to see this.


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